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The Big Boglegel's Purchase Event was finished.​


Thank you all of the customers who bought BigBoglegel​








 Angela *​










 So lai *​





















































































See you again with another small event. :)




Hello, BONICREW friends~~


We believe despite cold weather, you will always be warm-hearted with BONICREW. 

BONICREW wants to make everyone warm-hearted and as part of our efforts to increase communication with customers, we opened an Instagram account. 

Nobody know when the cute and colorful BONICREW illustration and event information will come up, so the only way to stay ahead of others would be to “follow”~~~!!!

Visit BONICREW Instagram to keep you updated and participate in a variety of events!
Let me introduce our warm-hearted friends. NEUKGUN, a lonely boy who lost his family when he was young, met HAYANG. HAYANG wants to hug and embrace NEUKGUN, a lonely yet warm-hearted boy, in her arms. 'Is this the feeling of friendship or love?'  Meeting as a wolf and a rabbit, they are scared but want to stay together. They are just wondering whether they are just friends or love each other.
Then, out of the blue, PENGUINGUN from the Antarctic, Water Sprite, GORAEYANG, GOMGUN, who wants to show off his strength but is tender-hearted and YANGGUN, who is easy-going and smart, showed up one day. Now, our special friends, who are different from one another, are ready to make their own stories!