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Shipping will take 3~7 business days but it will take more time to deliver some items.
Please be advised that shipping cost may differ depending on the product weight and exchange rate of the country where you receive the item.
Depending on the country that the item is being shipped to, you may incur additional charges for tariffs and/or duties. You are responsible for all customs duty charges at the time of delivery. Actual amount of duty charges may differ depending on the purchased item or area the product is shipped to.  You can contact the customs office of your country for more information.

To track shipping status, click on the site (http://www.track-trace.com/post) and type in your order number.

For international shipping, it will take up to 24hrs for the handling of products stocked in order. If you fail to identify your shipping status, please post your inquiries on my page [1:1 inquiry] or bulletin board.

If a recipient’s address or contact information is incorrect, delivery shall be considered “fail” and the item will be resent to the seller. 

Please ensure that your address is correct and you will be held responsible for any delivery problems caused by incorrect address.

You may change your delivery address before your item is sent out. Once your item is sent out, you may not change your address. For this reason, if you want to change your address, please post your inquiries on my page [1:1 inquiry] or on bulletin board before 14:00.
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