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NEUKGUN is a wolf yet a bit too timid. He is playful and has a very warm heart. NEUKGUN,
who lost his family when he was young and has been lonely, encountered HAYANG by accident
in a cave and was charmed by HAYANG’s warmth. Ever since then, the two became good friends.
He always feels happy as long as he is with HAYANG. Is this feeling of friend or “love?”

늑군 캐릭터


HAYANG is cute and naive. HAYANG, a sociable girl, usually uses her big ears to listen
to her friends’ stories and is very kind to everyone. She is so curious at everything but
is easily frightened, so often ends up crying behind her older brother, GOMGUN.
For HAYANG, NEUKGUN is someone who she wants to take care of.
Feeling scared, but she wants to stay with him……what kind of feeling is this?

하양 캐릭터
펭귄군 & 고래양 캐릭터


PENGUINGUN, who yearned for walking, walked all the way from the Antarctic to forest village. GORAEYANG, Water Sprite, appeared to PENGUINGUN, who was suffering from heatstroke. Seemingly unfriendly PENGUINGUN and GORAEYANG with various facial expressions and sanguine nature are always together.

곰군 캐릭터


GOMGUN, HAYANG’s older brother, initially had rabbit’s ears but folded them down to look like a bear because he didn’t like the look of a fragile rabbit. He is so mischievous that he is often considered a troublemaker but, he is nothing but a weak brother when he is with HAYANG.

양군   캐릭터


YANGGUN doesn’t want to do anything. He already does nothing but he doesn’t want to do anything more fiercely. He is laid-back about everything and doesn’t have any interest in what is going on around him. He can’t be bothered so much he doesn’t even care what to do. His only hobby is spacing out or daydreaming...

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