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manimani face cushion

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Shipping charge : When the order

Total Amount : 22,000won


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Product Details The information above was written in accordance with the product information disclosure notification of electronic commerce.
Product Details
Product name / model name manimani face cushion
Certification 인증필 * The product declared self safety verification pursuant to the Quality Management and Industrial Safety Law
size(width x length)/ weight 45 x 30 (cm) * Size or weight (±10%) may differ
Color -
Material -
Age -
Release year of the model 9. 2018
Manufacturer NARA HOME DECO
Seller yohocompany / Bonicrew
Country of origin -
Caution Please use it according to the purpose.
Quality Assurance You should bring the quality assuarance for the compensation of defective item. If you want to get repaired of it, please contact the shop you purchased from or the head office.
A/S / Phone number Customer Service: +82.2.1600.8420
Shipping will take 3~7 business days but it will take more time to deliver some items. Please be advised that shipping cost may differ depending on the product weight and exchange rate of the country where you receive the item. Depending on the country that the item is being shipped to, you may incur additional charges for tariffs and/or duties. You are responsible for all customs duty charges at the time of delivery. Actual amount of duty charges may differ depending on the purchased item or area the product is shipped to. You can contact the customs office of your country for more information. To track shipping status, please click on the site ( and type in your order number. For international shipping, it will take up to 24hrs for the handling of products stocked in order. If you fail to identify your shipping status, please post your inquiries on my page [1:1 inquiry] or bulletin board.
Request for exchange or return should be posted on my page [1:1 inquiry] or on bulletin board. You can only apply for exchange or return within 3 days upon receipt of your package. Items must be returned in new and original condition to ensure full credit.

BONICREW handles the issues of exchange/return under the terms and conditions of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC).

1. Application for exchange/return should be registered within 3 days upon receipt of your package.
2. Even if you complied with the 3-day limit, if the value of the item has decreased by the removal of tag or opening of a package, exchange/return may not be accepted. .
3. If you decide to refund an item, you will be responsible for all fees associated with roundtrip shipping and delivery.
4. For exchange/return caused by BONICREW, BONICREW will bear the cost of shipping and delivery (incorrect/damaged/defective items)

Exchange/return will take approximately 7~10 business days.
Refund will take approximately 7~10 business days under the PayPal policy.
All the orders, whose payment is confirmed, can only be cancelled by BONICREW. For this reason, you should post your request for cancel on my page [1:1 inquiry] or contact customer service center (☎1600-8420) before 14:00 at the latest. Please note that it is impossible to cancel your order if the item has already been shipped and that because credit card has already been canceled and cash has been refunded, you can use your item only after you repay by credit card or retransfer cash under the same condition when cancellation was made. In this case, please leave your inquiries on my page [1:1 inquiry] or on bulletin board.
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